How the Day Was and How I began to Hear the Nieghbors Voices

  Hearing Voices Speaking to people about it relating and A Voice Group! Had a good day with groups online voice groups! I learned From India someone mentioned what it was like there. In India People see some Mental Health as cool, but the services are not really there or not as good. I found this interesting because Here its almos tthe opposite, where people with mental disabilities are seen as different, isolated but here also the mental health places are not the best. They explained about there sensitivity to it all and how it seemed like something super natural outside of them. They mentioned that it might be good that I am creative with whats going on! I also got to talk to someone, and I could relate to them alot. We both gave our stories of what the voices sort of program or tell our mine to what is real and how we get caught into this voice that is completly outside of our heads making it hard to deal with. I mentioned how I began hearing my voice recently from hearin someone b

My Intro Story to Voices

My names Dusk Delacour and Iv been hearing Voices for around 5 to 10 years of my life off and on, starting after I was in high school in my early college years. I sort of think my early years of Social Anxiety in school could of been one of the causes. The first thing I remember is I could hear people from other places but in my own home. during that time I received many unusual experiences, I had many different dreams and I also got alot of Dejavu and I began to get new thoughts of what the world was about. I began to hear a voice speaking within my computer fan and I had no idea what it was. My doctor named out Schizophrenia this big word I never had heard of before. Later on I would hear celebrities, sometimes I heard people on TV and at one point I kept hearing people in videos like in interviews but I could catch them saying other things to.  Art and playing Basketball are probably my most strengths and I am a Visual Learner by most, as I am also Dyslexic, which is seen as a sligh

my reality were changing! Capgras and New Family Friends

  I noticed something in 2020! Things around my reality were changing! At one point I thought humanity split in someway like a double world. And when I went to the Recreation Center at my college there was a young man that was surprised to still see it was me , and said its just me and you everyone has been switched! We are the last left! It was good to see I could feel his shock of feeling he was the only one left in the world. I knew what was going on in anticipation kind of. And I just let it be how It was, I tried not to over react about it! But yeah This story or how I felt almost feels like a unusual Sci Fi Movie or Book but for me it was very real at the time! All I knew is that everything everyone seemed to have changed or re evolved into almost like new all around me. I just wanted to post this because I thought it was interesting to keep so im writing about this experience here! I have had lots of Dejavu as well, and someone at one point told me maybe that means you are in th

Life Change memories

  Its like I wake up and I go to my mind again here we go again Michael has changed. Sometimes I watch our old video tapes me and when Gina Was Alive shes my Great Aunt, Mother she took care of me since I was a few months old. She said I was calm as a kid. Another Memory I have is when Michael would walk me down to Rosa Parks, At the time we were living down in West Berkeley On San Pablo Avenue behind this old bait and tackle shop. Mike would say come on Dusk you can do it, next time you walk the rest of the way yourself.  At one point I remember mike telling me Dusk im in my 70's I wont always be here. in 2010 something struck in me , everyone around me had changed. My doctor named my experience as Capgras Delusion.

Seeing Doubles New World & Family Life Story About Capgras Delusion

 I have had Schizophrenia Capgras Delusion for about 10 years. it started 2009 , 2010 when everyone started seeming different. My Father walked out to go to the store somewhere and all of a sudden for a few days he was being really strange unusual laughs and acts I had never seen him act like before, at first I just asked you seem a little different, He said I know. At times I saw him talking about things I didnt know about but he was alot older then me in his 70's he had been around for a long time. I couldn't name it but after that first week, it got different his personality had simply changed from before. He raised me all my life so and is probably my best friend so it sort of surprised me. The first week I had no idea , something told me this is another him, Thats where my life seemed to totally change. I began to sleep in the Living Room Near him. I dont know what made me realize or think it was another him but that was to change me the rest of my life. Sometimes today wh

My experience with my Voices Everywhere!

                                          MY VOICES MY DAY YESTERDAY Also I noticed how extreme my voices were yesterday. Every house I walked by outside had some sort of voice as if the nieghbors were looking and shouting at me from their windows every single house I would get criticism. One saying I dont get why people like him. I got tired and decided to come back home I walked up stairs and all of a sudden a voice says to me hes sweet, I think in other words they were meaning I am not as much a macho person as they are meaning im not as tough so im soft and sweet or something but it didnt make sense. I didnt get what they wanted out of me how they wanted me to be to them or why they wouldnt stop paying attention and bothering me. I began to try to get stronger by doing some push up  exercises but didnt get how being strong would make any difference to their judgements. I can also remember times the voices telling me Im a girl and that im weak etc as I was just walking by. As I go

My Experiences Today with My Voices Becoming Realer and How They Seem To Me

                                            What I experienced Today and Continue too! You may say you can only hear voices from what you can see from people, but with schizophrenia I have heard very real voices where no one was to be there but they sounded like they were there and very real.  Sometimes things can be more complicated then you think different then something as it is or it isnt. or as its real or its not real. or its there not there. The other day I heard this voice of a man when outside of my home and I instantly turned around on his last word and I saw a blur and heat I could feel from the energy of his self while voice that was talking to me.  At first I always thought that the voices were real people only just from the distance. But then I realized they werent people I could physically see when I was at home I had to focus of the thing that was talking to me, and looked hard right at the direction it was near the door, and I could see the making of a clearness making